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Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream


Night time Moisturizer not cutting it? Still waking up with dry dehydrated skin? In the search for amazing and cheap products to add to my collection I picked up a possible gem from Garnier…

Welcome to another beauty review ..

I see my most popular post to date is the review I did on the Nivea 3-in-1 Cleanser – which if you haven’t checked that out, it’s a marvelous little steal. When I initially purchased that cleanser, I also picked up one of Garnier’s newest concoctions, which surprisingly I have come to really enjoy using. In yet another attempt to restore my skin to somewhat ‘youthful beauty’, I picked up the Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream for $19.99 NZD from my local Countdown.img_20170131_180322

Through various posts, blogs, videos, and reviews I have seen how important having a night time cleansing routine is, especially for those with problematic skin like me. During sleep our bodies are ‘supposed to’ – restore, rejuvenate, and heal every cell in our body. Having a proper cleansing/moisturizing routine prior to bed assists with this process, externally.

The Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream claims to de-tire skin & fight the signs of ageing while you sleep. The restorative power of a mask with the lightness of a cream. After 28 nights skin is deeply regenerated. Smoother, plumper and with greater capacity to resist fatigue.

According to the pretty box it comes in:


If you haven’t guessed already I’m a sucker for packaging, and the claims of firmer, plumper, smoother skin had me. Ultimately I was looking for something that would improve the texture of my skin, and hydration is key as they say, so what are my thought?



Products that come in a box are always a bit misleading. The box is very pretty, and one of the reasons I picked up this product, the claims and the sparkle had my name all over it. The container the product comes in is a double wall, dark metallic blue plastic jar. Which to be honest I was a little disappointed with, it definitely feels cheap, and a little tacky. The container is misleading for sure, as the actual product contents is only 50mls contained within a smaller, white insert, but the outer container looks like it could hold up to 120mls at least. For hygienic purposes I’m not a huge fan of container products, because I’m too lazy to get an extra (cotton bud, spatula, or be super extra like Kylie Jenner and use a brush) just to get the product out the jar. But in saying this, the lid screws on super tight and I haven’t had any issues with the product leaking, or spilling.



ALIEN!! This product has a beautiful lite pink colour, but the texture is definitely alien. Ok, maybe not alien per-say, but it’s definitely more of a gel consistency rather than a cream as described on the packaging. The Garnier Website describes it at:

The intelligent memory-foam texture takes a toning, elastic form, that can hold droplets of oils and active ingredients within the cream’s texture.

Looks almost oily..

Memory-foam is definitely one way of describing this wonderfully weird concoction. It’s lighter than a cream, but heavier than  a lotion, it’s a wonderfully weird gel-like middle maybe? Honestly, the texture of this product has most people baffled. It’s interesting to say the least. It can leave a slight oily residue on the skin if applied tooooo zealous, but usually if you keep massaging it into the skin it will subside.

Although as it’s a night cream, I’m pretty sure there is supposed to be a little residue left to be absorbed into the skin as you dream with the fairies.


As with all Garnier products they tend to be over excited when adding fragrance to their products, which is why I can’t use majority of their leave on skin care (sensitive nose much..), this one is no different. It definitely has a lavender ‘inspired’ fragrance, (and I’m pretty sure it states it on the back of the box as well.) Lavender is often used as a sleep aid in Herbal medicine, but there is also a .. (O.K I’ve been smelling the cream for the past 15 minutes trying to get the fragrance notes , and now it just smells like alcohol.. eek!). It’s definitely a youthful, relaxing and sensual smell, with an attempt at luxury. After consistent use, I welcome the scent prior to bed, as the fragrance aligns my mind and body with “bed time”. I have on various occasions even had my partner comment on the nice smelling face I have.

Notice the “glow”


Although I have not noticed any drastic effect on the physical appearance of my skin whilst using this product, it has not broken me out, which lives up to the claims of being non-comedogenic which I greatly appreciate. I definitely notice that my skin is much more supple, and softer feeling on mornings after using this, and that even some of my harsh frowny (11 lines) have diminished. (I just need to remember to stop frowning..)


Often I will use this prior to bed, as I said previously it helps to align my mind and body with ‘bedtime’, which is sometimes a difficult connection for me to make. After my evening shower, I will usually take a pea sized amount, and massage the cream in an upward motion around my face until it has been absorbed. This really helps to promote blood flow to the face, and drain lymph nodes (apparently).

I have on occasion used it apart of my morning routine if my skin has been sunburned, or is feeling particularly dry, flaky, or dehydrated. It’s a rare occurrence for my skin to be feeling dry after using this cream the night before, but some days when I’m feeling extra dry, or dehydrated, I will turn to this bad boy. It helps revive my skin almost instantly, hydrating the dry patches, and moisturizing all over. Although it can leave a slight glowy residue, I often welcome the glow on dry days.

Currently I’m running low on my second jar, so that obviously speaks for itself. I have used this consistently for the past 6 months, although it hasn’t resolved all my skin woes, it has definitely played it’s part in allowing me to keep somekindof sleep routine. Every morning after using this cream my skin has a soft, supple glow, and feels baby butt soft.

Over all I give the Garnier Miracle Sleeping Cream:

⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ☆ ☆

The packaging is a little cheap and tacky, but the texture of the cream itself gets a whole star to itself. Because of its lack of hygienicness I have rated this 3 out of 5 stars. I enjoy using this cream as a part of my night time routine, and will be repurchasing after this jar runs completely out – because of it’s alien (memory-foam whatever..) texture, every last little bit is useable (scrapeable) from the jar. Yay.

Have you used the Garnier Miracle Sleeping cream? What are your thoughts? Let me know in the comments below.

Thank you for checking in to Obsessed with Pretty, finally a post relating to the blog name. 😀 I hope you have a wonderful day, & I’ll leave you with a quote from the fabulous Coco Chanel:

Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself!

Until next time…


Keirryn ♥



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