January Woes

Do you feel like 2017 just hasn’t quite kicked in yet? Do you feel like this had to be the longest month everrrr, that just doesn’t seem to end?

Welcome back to the Obsession,

Today we celebrate Auckland Anniversary – a long weekend, for those just not quite ready to give up the holiday season, and we have another coming up the following weekend as well.. Waitangi Day – NZ has a lot of public holiday’s – We’re a spoiled bunch down under! It’s finally the last weekend of January, and golly even in hindsight it feels like this was the longest month ever, that just dragged on, and on; and there’s still one more fucking day to go. But maybe, just maybe 2017 vibes will be more present from the second month in, maybe (please).

If you read my amazing post downloading …. you’d know that I had this epiphany that didn’t quite come to fruition due to my lack of action. Usually a long weekend is spent enjoying time with friends, and family, having fun, utilizing the beautiful (absolutely amazing) weather, outdoors. (Or just another reason to drink – we’re also a alcoholic bunch down under hahaa!) Instead, I spent this long Auckland Anniversary weekend hashing out plans for 2017.

Although I have an idea of what I to achieve in 2017, I have no action plan. I thought my ideas would be drafted, played with, trialed and executed from the beginning of January, but I can tell you, this month has tried me, on more than one occasion. Beside life throwing it’s usual curve balls, and still trying to pull me under, I have now realized that my mindset is still ‘stuck’. I’m constantly drowning in negative thoughts, and fears. My actions seem to serve nothing but instant gratification, and my life is still ‘on hold’.

For instance, my 31 day yoga challenge that completely failed due to my lack of motivation, sincerity, and commitment. Although I really want to change, my commitment to the laze is greater than my commitment to change. You see the dilemma I have here is not lack of resources, time, or constraints; but the lack of self love.

This weekend has give me (a little) more clarity, and has reminded me of what I want, and what I deserve. (MORE!) A new chapter begins in the month of February. I’m going to totally write off January, as a part of 2016, and begin with a fresh new page. I’m tried of being tired, and in reality the only person I’m letting down is myself.

I begin University at the end of February, so I have 28 days to actually get my shit together, start getting some routines formed, and making some commitments to myself. At the end of the day, I am my own best friend, and the only person I can truly count on to make me happy.  As they say:

Even your shadow leaves you when you’re in darkness.

This was totally more a rant, than anything. Purely because my January wasn’t as fulfilling as I could have made it. Moving forward, I’m so excited to see new people checking out Obsessed with Pretty regularly, and that for sure is giving me motivation to write, often.

What is one thing you feel could have made your January better? If you had a great January, what’s one piece of advice you could share with others?

I truly appreciate your time checking into the obsession today, at the moment I’m clearly more Obsessed with Self Improvement (but that is not a cute blog name.. haha) – I will definitely fulfill my beauty, fitness, health and lifestyle quota, but for now – I’ll leave this rant here.

Thank you again, I hope you have an amazing week, and positive vibes all year ’round.

Until next Time…


Keirryn ♥


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