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A 30 Day Challenge – Day 1 – Yoga

Hey gorgeous,

Thank you for checking in today, I hope you are doing well. 🙂

I have committed to a 30 day challenge, as I am trying to build new positive habits, find an enjoyable hobby, and get fit and healthy. Nothing like a good ol’ challenge to get you started, am I right?

Although this particular challenge is over 31 days rather than 30 – the initial Day 1 is just a taster, a short and sweet sequence – the real challenge begins on Day 2, which I completely look forward to. I’m beginning to write this piece straight after Day 1 with Adriene – So how was it?


DAY 1 – Suka: ease

I started day 1 at 11:30 p.m on Sunday 15 January 2017. Today’s practice was about “Suka” the Sanskrit word for ‘Ease’. Don’t be mislead – the ‘e’ instead of ‘y’ is on purpose, it is certainly not EASY – no, no, do not be mistaken. Although the sequence today is short, and sweet, there are some challenging positions in there, that really get you shaking – literally. Prior to hopping on the (fictional) mat, I was feeling anxious. Beginning something new, and ultimately challenging is always, well, a challenge – so philosophical. I was able to load Day 1, and dive head first into the challenge without too much hesitation, hopefully it gets a bit easier in the following days.


During the sequence I listened to some Binaural beats like this one in the background to help ease my mind, and provide a relaxing atmosphere. Binaural beats are said to help raise your vibration and cleanse negative energies – which I definitely need all the help I can get at this point. Binaural beats and theta waves have been used in mediation for centuries. I am still dabbling in this field of audio stimulation, so I’m no expert but it definitely feels very zen, and positive.

Throughout the session tonight I have become more aware of the many tight, and rigid spots in my body. From my neck and shoulders to my lower back and hips –  Many of the positions felt very strained, and I couldn’t seem to find a fluid flow between poses. I often felt and heard my knees cracking underneath me, and my wrists absolutely hated me afterward. Everything felt extremely tight, like a chewed piece of gum, left to harden in the wind.

Even while writing this piece my body still feels tight, like everything has been strained rather than stretched – which is a real pain in the ass considering I want to go to bed shortly, but probably won’t find comfort since I’m so rigid and tight. No Ragrets (We’re the Millers reference). I’m really hoping the days get a bit easier, and the muscles in my long, and strained body become more accustomed to being stretched like string cheese and rather than seize up on me (like the present moment) they will become stretchy like melted mozzarella, on a crispy flatbread with tomato… Hmm, I might be a bit hungry now.

I was going to write a small piece each day for the week, but obviously I was feeling too much tonight and I’m not aiming for weekly novels, so Day 1 is going solo by the looks of the word count.

Although my physical body feels like hardened gum, mentally I feel, good. It’s almost like I gained mental clarity, and a sense of peace and understanding. This has always been the one aspect of Yoga I have enjoyed, the mental benefits – it doesn’t take months, or even weeks to see beneficial results mentally, you feel them immediately, which is absolutely reassuring. The peace is really a great benefit, even if your body feels like hardened gum.

I hope you will continue on this journey through the remaining 30 days – it’s crazy how things just move so quickly, I’m glad to be on this journey, on this challenge, and really testing, and improving myself at the same time.

If you are trying out Adriene’s Yoga Revolution, please let me know in the comments – I would love to hear your experience, your reason, and your why.

Thank you again to checking out my ramblings – although it’s currently 12:39am I’m hungry, so I’m off to find something (healthy) to snack on.

(I just realized I did not post this. This piece of art was just casually chilling in drafts, awaiting publishing. It’s currently Wednesday 18 January 2016 11:22pm, and I’ve already missed 2 days of yoga.. Just trying to keep myself accountable, and aware – judging aside, I’ll get back on the wagon, first thing in the morning – lets go! Day 2 – 7 will be up on Monday morning. unless I get excessive feels and a certain day requires a solo post.  xx)



Keirryn ♥


disclaimer - This is completely and entirely my own thoughts, 
and experience with day 1 of yoga with Adriene. I am not trained in any 
shape way or form in regards to health, science, or fitness. 
Please do your own research or if you're concerned, I advise to consult
with a trained professional before attempting anything out of your usual
routine. Everything is by trial and error, and what works 
(and doesn't work) for me, maybe vice versa for you.
Please keep this in mind with all content found on the internet. xx



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