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A 30 Days Challenge – Yoga

Hey gorgeous,

One of my goals this is to finally get fit, and healthy – this maybe the motivation I need to get moving – literally.

Cant believe we are already two weeks in, and things on my part are still the damn same as when I started this blog over a year ago. I am determined to continue blogging my life away, until I see some improvements in not only my mental well being, but my physical well being as well. So I’ve decided to take up a new challenge and will blog away my thoughts as we go through the next 31 days. Kind of like hitting two birds with one stone – without harming actual birdies.

Yes, yes I know itchest-opening-yoga-poses‘s a bit abnormal to be starting a 31 day challenge 15 days into to the month, but hell, I’m an abnormal person, so we’ll go with it. I’ve decided to take up a 31 day Yoga challenge, where I complete a yoga sequence every day for 31 days courtesy of Yoga with Adriene on Youtube. Yaaas thank the high heavens for the internet right?

I have previously dabbled with Yoga, in an attempt to open up my hip flexors (Yeah it sounds dirty, actually it kind of is .. ;)) as I tend to cramp a lot in my hips when I sit for extended periods of time, and random times when I’m walking. Beside my hip flexors, I want to gain the flexibility I once had, and feel more fluid on a daily basis, not all cramped up, and uncomfortably tight. On the plus side I also heard that Yoga is great for people with depression, and anxiety as it can help calm and ease your mind as you focus on your breathing.

Although I was not practicing regularly, and probably not even doing the poses correctly, I saw really great results both physically and mentally. Some days I really looked forward to getting on the mat, (even though I don’t actually use a mat) as the sequences really seemed to calm my anxious mind, especially after a really bad day. I would always leave the mat so calm, and refreshed. Many people also commented that I appeared to have lost weight, and overall looked really good. Which is exactly what you wanna hear right? Self-esteem boost, yes please.

Ultimately what am I looking to gain from doing 31 days of Yoga consistently (hopefully):

  • Increased Flexibility
    • Being able to move comfortably, and fluidly rather than tight and rigid.
  • Manage my depression and anxiety in a calm and pleasant manner
    • I haven’t been on pills for a while now, but I’d like to stay off them completely
  • Feel confident in my body
    • this one goes back to the flexibility point ↑↑
  • Strengthen my willpower / discipline
    • hopefully after completing 31 days I will have trained my muscle of willpower and discipline – especially since these two are completely lacking in my life.
  • Consistency building
    • This is is for both my blogging and my general life, I lack a lot of consistency in life at the moment, and with completing this challenge, I will have something consistent to write about – now it’s just about practicing point 4.
  • An enjoyable hobby
    • I need to something to look forward to in my “downtime”.

So over the next 31 days I will provide a weekly update on my progress – heels on the ground in downward dog would be amazing –  as I dive deeper into the practice and become more familiar and accustomed to the poses, and sequences. I will also research and provide information on History of Yoga, Best Practices, and even recommended Pre/Post yoga meals based on my experiences and those found on the world wide web, and basically anything else yoga related. I really look forward to completing these 31 days, and continuing my practice getting leaner, stronger, and happier each day.

If you’re interested in completing the 31 Days of Yoga – Revolution with Adriene just click >Here< and I’ll leave a link to the playlist. I love that Adriene has them in this playlist, so it’s always easy to come back each day, and stay on track. – even if you miss a day, the playlist allows for you to easily pick up where you left off. (yes I’ve tried this before..)

Will I achieve this zen pose after 31 days? hmm, probably not..

As I begin my journey to Health and Wellness, I am taking things a bit slower than a snail, but I’m getting there – well, I’m getting somewhere, maybe not immediately, but eventually. The thought of committing to a challenge like this one, seems so simple and easy – even for a commitment phobe like I, but huge mountains are conquered with small steps, regularly and daily. I can’t wait to see the results, mentally, physically and even spiritually – It’s all very exciting.

Let me know in the comments section if you have tried yoga, or are an active Yogi. I would love to hear your feedback and any tips and tricks you may have.

Thank you so much for checking in today, I hope you enjoyed this post.

Until Next Time.


Keirryn ♥

Disclaimer: All thoughts and opinions are my own, I am NOT being sponsored to write this post. I have attached links to Adriene’s Youtube channel, and the playlist containing the 31 day challenge. I am not a trained professional or consultant, personal trainer, doctor, nutritionist or yogi – these are my thoughts – please consult a doctor or trained professional if you have any concerns. IMAGE SOURCES – Header: First: last

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