Golden Update

Hey Gorgeous,

Thank you for stopping by today. I appreciate your time, even if you’re procrastinating on some other task. I know I usually am when scrolling around the world wide web. Go on relax, put you feet up, I have an update to share it’s a bit raw, and late but let’s go.

So as of the beginning of my new adventure I had set myself out some pretty hefty goals, and I’ll tell you the truth, since posting them on here, that’s about as far as I’ve gone. I’ve done nothing short of, well nothing in the pursuit of those goals, but as of today writing this post, I am much more determined to get things going, and for my “glow up” to begin. -Honestly I’m so hip these days…. –

I’m sharing this with you, as it’s a reality – I set some pretty – lame- goals, and even then with life’s lemons I’m still not able to achieve even partial to what I set out for myself, and I want you to understand, that yes, there will be set backs in life, and yes somethings might not worked out as planned, but you must press forward. Every minute is a new minute to begin something new, something special. Don’t waste your minutes over analyzing the bullshit things that have already occurred in your life, and start making action toward adding positivity and light back into your life.

I always say, YOU are the most important person in YOUR life, not your mother, not your father, certainly NOT your partner, and not even your children. For as long as YOU are happy, and healthy the rest will thrive, you will be able to support and give unconditional love, and care to all those that are important in your life. Without your happiness and health those around you will suffer as well. Be sure to put YOU first, and take care of yourself when needed.

I have been slack already on my blog, with so much determination and motivation in the beginning, it’s always a short lived process. I too falter in this for the lemons I’m currently squeezing with have done a number on one or two of my heart strings, and have caused this motivation and determination to be ripped out under me, like a band-aid on a scab – eek.

I’m going to press forward and continue with my blog, ensuring I provide amazing content, and articles to help you in your everyday life. If you too are sucking on some of life’s sour or bitter lemons, please don’t give up, do something fun, like dace around your living room with no music, sing a song at the top of your lungs, make a funny face at a stranger, do something bold and positive, and ensure you never give up hope.

This was certainly not the type of post I was intending to post second week into this adventure, but reality is a brazen bitch, and we have to take the bull by the horns, and ride the waves.

I do appreciate the time you have taken to read this dribble and will be back with a much more positive post on Friday. For now I’ll leave you with some wisdom from Buddha:

The mind is everything. What you think you become. – Buddah

Until next time.


Keirryn ♥

Disclaimer: All thoughts my own, unless quoted and stated otherwise. Header image sourced here via google images.

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